Sunfire CRM2BIPW Cinema Ribbon Bi-pole Surround - White
Sunfire CRM2BIPW Cinema Ribbon Bi-pole Surround - White
  • Manufacturer: Sunfire
  • UPC: 844039007988
  • MSRP: $1,200.00
  • Availability:

  • The CRM-2BIP is the only on-wall ribbon bi-pole available today and features a long list of true, XT Series performance features. First, it’s a purpose-built, on-wall surround speaker that’s a perfect timbre match to any model in the existing Cinema Ribbon line. It’s also the only bi-pole speaker on the market to feature the benefits of dual, side-firing ribbons. At 400 watts per cabinet, the deliberate location of each pair of these high output ribbons create the wide “diffused” rear sound stage so important for today’s soundtracks and multi-channel music. This fact is made more remarkable when you consider the CRM-2BIP’s ultra-slim 3-5/8” deep profile. It’s one of the lowest profile on-wall surround speakers of any type; as much as 50% slimmer than any comparable speaker. Add to all this a beautiful, piano-like finish; legendary High Back-emf woofers and simple, reliable installation and you have all the rationale you need to consider the CRM-2BIP for your home theater.


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