Sunfire HRSSAT4BIP Bi-pole Surround Loudspeaker
Sunfire HRSSAT4BIP Bi-pole Surround Loudspeaker
  • Manufacturer: Sunfire
  • UPC: 844039008909
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  • The HRS-SAT4BIP is the perfect timbre match to the HRS-SAT4 satellite speakers. A purpose-built, on-wall surround speaker, the HRS-SAT4 BIP features dual ring-radiating, silk dome tweeters that are acoustically optimized to provide an enormous soundstage. These tweeters are similar to those found in high-end European speakers costing many times more.

    The low-profile cabinet’s curved sides are not only aesthetically rich, but make for a smoother wavelaunch and improved imaging compared traditional “box” speakers. A single 4.5" Kevlar woofer provides the dynamics need for today’s high-resolution sources, and features a one-of-a-kind "Trifilar" voice coil. This ultra lightweight, three-layer design delivers up to an 80% increase in output then compared to conventionally wound designs.

    • Perfectly matched to the HRS subwoofers, and the HRS-SAT4 and HRS-SAT4C loudspeakers to form a complete system
    • HRS-SAT4BIP can be wall-mounted, or placed on a cabinet or shelf. They can be used for surround, and surroundback applications
    • Two-way, high pressure design with fully-sealed enclosure, offers wide, diffuse rear/side channels for an enhanced home theater experience
    • 4.5" High Back-emf driver
    • Dual 1" ring radiating tweeters
    • 110 dB maximum output
    • 200 watts maximum power
    • Magnetic grilles
    • Gold-plated spring terminals
    • High gloss multi-layer cabinet finish


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