Sunfire SDSWiTX Universal Wireless Transmitter - connects up to two receivers
Sunfire SDSWiTX Universal Wireless Transmitter - connects up to two receivers
  • Manufacturer: Sunfire
  • UPC: 844039011114
  • MSRP: $95.00
  • Availability:
  • Wireless Subwoofer Transmitter *Receiver (SDSWIRX) Required to function properly Did you know that where you place the subwoofer can have a huge impact on the sound quality - and quantity? Bass is much like real estate - location, location, location. While you might have followed the usual tips for proper subwoofer placement, what if you can't get a wire to the ideal spot? Sure, you could snake wires under carpet, around doors - or worse, navigate a spider-invested crawlspace or basement only to drill through the floor above. But there is a better way... Meet Sunfire's purpose-built, 2.4Ghz wireless kit that is specifically designed and tuned for subwoofer applications. Simply connect the transmitter module to you're A/V processor and the receiver to your subwoofer. All you need is a power outlet near the sub and you're ready for plug-and-play bass with the freedom to move the subwoofer to any location in the room. And for improved performance, connect up to 4 receivers and subs from a single transmitter for flatter frequency response and higher output. Get more bass from any space - only with Sunfire DS.  FeaturesLow latency design Y   Digital transmission Y    Subs per transmitter 4 max.Wireless range 15m max. SpecificationsLatency 17 ms Resolution 16 bit Sampling rate 48 kHz Wireless band 2.4 GHz * Receiver (SDSWIRX) Required to function properly  


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