Crimson EAZLS eAzl™ portable stand for iPad and other tablets
  • Manufacturer: Crimson
  • UPC: 0815885013386
  • MFG#:
  • MSRP: $39.95
  • Availability:
  •  Introducing pocket-eAzl by Crimson, a stable and slip-free stand for Tablets and e-Readers unlike any other on the market.

    Featuring multi-height positioning, pocket-eAzl allows you to select either a lower, more ergonomically comfortable position for typing, or a more upright angle for surfing the web, viewing files, watching movies, playing games, reading, or anything else.

    Designed to be sleek, stylish, and compact, pocket-eAzl puts portable, functional, mobility (literally) into the palm of your hand.

      Pocket-sized profile
      Dual height adjustment optimizes viewing angle
      Stable, slip-free functionality - perfect for air travel
      Compatible with Tablets and e-Readers
      Landscape or portrait mode – an ideal companion for the magnetic Smart Case


    pocket-eAzl™ Folding Tablet/E-Reader stand

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