Crimson EZP Portable stand for professional cameras, mini projectors and tablet computers

Introducing photo eAzl by Crimson, a stable and compact folding tripod for SLRs, POV cameras and video cameras unlike any other on the market.

Featuring unique height and angle adjustments, photo eAzl provides photographers and videographers a stable yet compact solution that is easily carried in a vest, pocket or bag.

Photo eAzl is easy to use. Simply raise or lower the legs to the desired height, then set the angle, and you're ready to go.

Designed to be a fun, functional and stylish accessory for anyone using handheld cameras, video cameras, or other devices with a universal 1/4"-20 mount head adapter, photo eAzl provides considerable elevation and stability, in a compact, pocket-sized package.

    Pocket-sized profile
    Dual height adjustment optimizes viewing angle
    Stable, slip-free functionality - perfect for air travel
    Compatible with standard 1/4-20 interface
 Weight capacity: 15lb (6.8kg)
 Product material: aluminum-zinc alloy
 Product finish: hardened epoxy finish
 Product weight: 0.6lb (0.3kg) unit
 Package specifications: 4.5”x2”x1.1”
 Color: black
 Model number : EZP
 Warranty: 1-year



Photo-eAzl™ Camera Stand/Tripod