Newline Interactive TruCast - Wireless Interactive Presentation System
Newline Interactive TruCast - Wireless Interactive Presentation System

Lose the wires, not the connection.

Powered by IdeaMax, the TruCast wireless interactive presentation system connects multiple devices to an interactive display. By eliminating the wires, TruCast makes any room a completely unlimited interactive space.

Customize how you connect.

TruCast works just like a wireless router, but does so much more. Connect to Ethernet, use your own WiFi or use TruCast’s independent, private WiFi network. Connectivity is easy and secure.

Productivity for the whole company.

Software shouldn’t have a limited number of downloads, especially software designed to help make your company more productive. Everyone in your company can download the TruCast software to their device, so there’s no limit to who can collaborate.

The more the merrier.

TruCast lets you project up to four different devices on an interactive display at once. Broadcast your work and see what your colleagues are working on all at once to make your meetings truly collaborative.

Give everyone the power to share ideas.

Once you’re connected to TruCast, you can share your screen with anyone on the network. See what is on the display of your own device, or pass control to anyone in the room. TruCast gives everyone the power to connect and share ideas easily.

Mac or PC? Your choice.

TruCast is platform independent. That means any operating system you use can be a part of your company’s future. Whether you prefer PC or Mac, it’s easy to add TruCast to your device, making your work easier and more seamless than ever before.

Bring your own device.

It’s okay to bring your smartphone into meetings once you add TruCast. TruCast enhances your laptops, tablets and smartphones for all-inclusive collaboration.