Cloud ActiveInputPlatewithLeft&RightBalancedInputsforDCM1andDCM1e:USAVers.color:White
  • Manufacturer: Cloud
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  • MSRP: $147.88
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  • The BE-1 balanced input connector plate provides two balanced inputs for the Cloud DCM-1/DCM-1e Digital Control Zone Mixer. The BE-1 is used to provide local stereo balanced line-level inputs in a zone allowing professional audio equipment such as mixing consoles, DI boxes or broadcast equipment to be connected directly to the Cloud DCM-1/DCM-1e.

    The BE-1 connects to one of four BE-1 / LE-1 RJ45 input ports on a Cloud DCM-1/DCM-1e via a single screened CAT-5 cable. A maximum of four BE-1 or LE-1 Line Input Modules can be daisy chained together per RJ45 input port on a Cloud DCM-1/DCM-1e.


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