Atlantic Technology TV Top Speaker Shelf
  • SKU: ATT-SHELF-2405
  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Technologies
  • UPC:
  • MFG#: SHELF-2405
  • MSRP: $0.00
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  •  The TV TOP Speaker Shelf mounts easily on the top of most flat screen tvs with no additional hardware required. It includes a protective foam strip to protect your tv and anti-slip rubber mats to hold the speaker securely in place.

    Feature List

  • Protective foam strip to protect tv
  • Anti-slip rubber mats to protect and secure speakers
  • Adjustable brackets fit on most flat-screens
  • Works on a free standing flat-screen
  • Dual shelf design adjusts to fit any cable box, dvd player, gaming consoles, and all Atlantic Technology Soundbars, LCR bars and center channel speakers

  • Specifications

    Model SHELF-2405
    Materials High grade aluminum

    Dimensions  (W x  D) 

    Support Legs:

    12" x 5" (2ea) Contains 2 shelves 12" long


    Weight (ea) 1 LB ea

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