Atlantic Technology Dual 6 1/2" two way In-Wall LCR Speaker
  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Technologies
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  • MSRP: $450.00
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  • The IWTS-5LCR and IWTS-10LCR prove that great Atlantic Technology sound can be enjoyed with virtually no impact on your home's decor. We developed the IWTS-5LCR and IWTS-10LCR speakers to also integrate beautifully with our in-wall surround speakers and subwoofers. Essentially then, it forms the heart of a music and cinema sound system that's amazingly lifelike and yet disappears into the decor of your home.

    Both the IWTS-5LCR and IWTS-10LCR incorporate 6.5" Injection Molded Graphite loaded driver cone for accurate midrange/bass reproduction for minimal distortion. Their 1" pivoting tweeter mount lets you precisely aim the hi frequency driver for optimum coverage. A front mounted hi frequency level control allows precise adjustment of the speaker's sound in any room.



    • Superb front-channel sound for modest home theaters or whole-house audio
    • Simple, tried-and-true frame baffle installation
    • Both models well-suited for surround channel use in 5.1 or 7.1 systems


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