Rocustics Grey 12
Rocustics Grey 12" Inground Sub
  • SKU: ROC-SubSub-12G
  • Manufacturer: Rockustics
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  • The Rockustics SubSub (short for Subterranean Subwoofer) is a premium bandpass in-ground subwoofer. The SubSub’s cylindrical structure is made of proprietary resin composite to prevent breakdown. The SubSub is to be buried underground with only a small port protruding from the ground. A small rock vent cover, available in brown, sandstone and grey, is included. The fully waterproof, in-ground subwoofer is designed to withstand rain, frost, snow and ice. Its natural, weathered stone aesthetic makes the SubSub an ideal choice for theme parks, promenades, playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, gardens and other outdoor applications. The SubSub vent cover utilizes a sedimentary rock design to match its natural environment. Color Options: brown, gray or sandstone. Custom colors are also available upon request.


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