Atlantic Technologies Pedestal Stands for 8200e LR's-Gloss Black

THX Ultra 2 certified speaker system fills the largest domestic rooms with our best sound
When we set out to design the System 8200e, we decided to apply all of our experience to create a no-holds-barred product. By implementing our exclusive technology, we have developed a no-compromise speaker system, able to deliver its superb performance in a wide variety of acoustic settings.

  • 3-way system with dual 8" woofers
  • 8200e C uses identical drivers as LR for ideal tonal and dispersion match
  • Acoustic controls optimize performance in any room
  • Dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers
  • Optional sand-fillable Peds raise LRs to optimum listening height
  • Recommended subwoofer: 642e SB THX Select Certified