Atlantic Technologies Front Stage Loudspeaker- Gloss Black Finish - 50"
  • SKU: ATT-FS5000GLB
  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Technologies
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  • MFG#: FS-5000-GLB
  • MSRP: $0.00
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  • “The FS-5000 is an absolute juggernaut in comparison to other soundbars.....a monumental achievement.” — Andrew Robinson, Home Theater

    Great sound is an integral, essential component to the theater experience at home. The downside for most people comes from having to mount and wire speakers all over their room. It’s inconvenient, confusing, and unsightly. 

    Enter Atlantic’s innovative FS-5000 Front Stage Loudspeaker. Based upon our acclaimed FS-4000, this sleek, 50”-long unit contains three extremely powerful, front speakers—left, center, and right—in a single enclosure. It’s perfect for the person who has a large flat-screen TV in a very big room, and simply wants an attractive, one-piece speaker solution without all the visual clutter of separate left, center, and right speakers. 

    The cabinet is internally separated into three chambers, each with a 1” soft dome tweeter and two 4½” magnetically-shielded woofers. Bass response extends down to 70Hz, for full-bodied sound even without a subwoofer.


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