BES Mfg TPF620  6''-20'' Fiberglass Telescoping Pole
BES Mfg TPF620 6'-20' Fiberglass Telescoping Pole
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  • BES Mfg TPF620 6'-20' Fiberglass Telescoping Pole


    B.E.S. Manufacturing TPF620 Cable Expansion Tele-Pole features a lightweight, nonconductive fiberglass pole used to push/pull wires over long spans. Telescoping pole extends from 6'-20' in seconds. Expansion Tele-Pole can be used for cable runs in ceilings, crawl spaces and attics; or in factories and warehouses to work a 25' ceiling without a ladder. Attach wire to eye on hook tip and extend each section until tip reaches desired point. Innovative twist lock secures sections at any length.


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