BES FIB565 Starter attachment kit 2
BES FIB565 Starter attachment kit 2

LED Tip Helps see what you are doing
Wisp Head Use over suspended ceilings, won't catch on T-bars
Fish Hook Use to retrieve or snag wire & cable
Replacement Tip Replaces broken or missing tips
Ball Chain Attach to Fiberfish for interior walls, can be retrieved through small access hole in wall with magnet and Flex-Fish
Screw Tip Screw into the end of small communication wires for faster and easier pulls -- no need to strip wire
Vinyl Pouch Holds tips listed above


The FIB565 is the Attachment Kit 2 for 3/16" and 5/32" Rods. This kit includes the new LED tip (with 4 replacement batteries), wisp head, fish hook, replacement tip, ball chain, screw tip, and a vinyl pouch to keep it all in