Fusion Research

Fusion was started in 2003 by several successful entrepreneurs, who had an interest in digital entertainment systems. The team at Fusion has a deep understanding of the underlying technology of digital imaging, audio processing, storage and networking as well as the use of protocols and control for system communications. They bring their significant domain knowledge and expertise to the new and emerging area of imaging and networking in the residential and commercial market using open IP based products


Fusion Research FR-OMS2 Ovation Msic Server - 2 Analog, 1 Digital Out, 500GB HD
Fusion Research FR-OMS3 Ovation Music Server 4 Analog, 1 Digital out 1TB HD
Fusion Research FR-OMS1 3x analog zones, music streamer only.
Ovation Music Streamer Zero - 1x analog zone, music streamer only.
Ovation Players when added to an Ovation server can be placed in
Fusion FR-OMS-SIG Ovation Music Streamer Signature - 1x analog source - music streaming only, • Full 192 kHz - 24 bit HD Audio Burr-Brown DAC