Byte Brothers

Byte Brothers testing focus is on the manufacture of innovative, high quality test equipment for the computer, datacomm, audio/video and security marketplaces. We are known for our creative approach to testing.... breaking the mold to provide our customers with tools that do more and cost less. Although we are best known as the maker of the low cost Low Voltage Pro (uniquely web upgradeable) and the Real World Certifier (tests the speed parameters of a cable plus stores 250 test reports), we have brought similar creativity to the Power Panel (for VoIP and IP camera installers); the ProTone Wire Locator with its illuminated tip; the TVR entry level LAN tester; the Camera Wizard CCTV tester with Vpp display; and other powerful, affordable testers. With Byte Brothers you are always guaranteed a top product at a price that you can afford.

Byte Brothers RWC1000K Real World Certifier Kit
Byte Brothers CTX200 Pocket CAT-CAT5/6-Coax Testet
Byte Brothers VTX025 Mini Monitor 2.5" (Color CCTV)
Byte Brothers POE1000IL Power Panel inline version
Byte Brothers CTX590 ProTone Wire Locator Kit
Byte Brothers 3 1/2 Digit DMM w/Temp High quality probes
Byte Brothers Basic Butt Set with ON/OFF,Dial tone and Caller ID