Music Streamers/Servers

Mainstream Omni+ WiFi Multi Room Music Streaming true 24 bit CD quality sound 3.5mm Stereo analog input •MicroSD card (up to 32G) input12 button • IR remote control w/6 pre-set playlist options
"Nuvo Music Port Four output source device, Streaming internet radio*, 320 GB hard-drive, PC and MAC Synchronization tool, RS-232 passthrough Packaged complete with 10 foot Network Cable, 10 foot CAT5 Network Cable, 4 RCA Stereo Audio Cables, 6 foot 9 Conductor RS232 Cable, Power Cable and rack ear mounts. *For use with Essentia, Grand Concerto and Renovia Systems. *Nuvo recommends use of MPS4 with libraries of less than 30,000 song files to insure optimum performance."
MainStream amp160 WiFi multi-zone audio streaming system with built-in 2 x 80W amplifier, manual WiFi/input selector switch, volume tuning knob, free app available for iOS/Android/PC, Wolfson DAC, up to 12 room/zone capability
Nuvo P30 Touch Screen, Black. (Includes wall mounted back plate and hardware. Power & connectivity via POE)
Nuvo P4300 Professional Series Three Zone Stereo Amplifier, 110 Watts per Zone. Offers mastering grade, zone-to-zone access to Internet radio, network content or any local device.
Nuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit with P10 Keypads & POE Power, White - Packaged complete with NV-P3100-NA, NV-P10-WH(3), and Legrand DA2400 4-Port POE Injector and RWP26W(3) Wall Plates.
Nuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit with P10 Keypads & POE Power, Light Almond - Packaged complete with NV-P3100-NA, NV-P10-LA(3), Legrand DA2400 4-Port POE Injector and RWP26LA(3) Wall Plates.
Player Portfolio Sound Bar and Subwoofer
Nuvo P400 Player Portfolio Tabletop Speaker